Internationale dag voor straat kinderen

Een wat gedateerd bericht van april 2015 maar eigenlijk ook weer niet want internationale aandacht voor straatkinderen is en blijft actueel. Dank voor de inzending Stichting Adamfo


International Day for Street Children is an annual event which is celebrated on every 12th April globally. Sometimes, much attention is not given to this day.

This year, Street Children Project – Kumasi had the opportunity to celebrate the International Day for Street Children on 16th April 2015 with the theme “…Children in street situation need their voices to be heard by the Government and UNO…”  Over four hundred Children in street situation joined the march with most of them holding placards with different inscriptions. The Staff and Volunteers were not left out. The celebration was in a form of route march (float) through the principal streets of Kumasi.  

Before the march at the Centre girlstaking their ‘T’ Shirts and Sneakers 

The march started from the Street Children Project-Kumasi Drop –In- Centre at exactly 9:00am with a brass band and Public Address (P.A.) System, the march ended around 12:30 in the afternoon. Each child was provided with a sneaker (shoe) and a T’ Shirt which was printed for the celebration. The sneakers were provided by the Bright Generation Community Foundation an NGO in Ghana. The T’ Shirt and other items were also sponsored by Adamfo Ghana our partner organisation in the Netherland who actually encouraged us to mark 2015 International Day for Street Children in a very grand style.  Ecobank Ghana, SSINT Branch in Kumasi also supported us with some donations.

Children ready for the march infront of the Centre 

We invited personnel from the Human Trafficking Unit and Defence for Children International (DCI) to talk to the children and the general public on Child Trafficking and Rights for the Children respectfully. Due to the time factor we could not get representative from the Social Welfare to join us but we had a child to represent and to speak on behalf of the children. We also had a presentative from the Regional Police Office to join the march and two (2) personnel from Zongo Divisional Police Command to give us police protection during the march.

Children ready for the march infront of the Centre 

All this while, the media was not left out. We invited United Television (UTV), Kessben TV, Boss FM, Hello FM and other print media like Catholic Standard News Paper who helped us in broadcasting the event on Radio Stations and Televisions in different times to the general public.

After the march, there was some refreshment for all who joined the march including the personnel and media men at the Drop – In Centre.

Below more photos on the International Day for Street Children.

More children joining the march on the way

         Children listening to the talks in the process of marching 


We are most grateful to all those who made it possible for us to be able to celebrate this year’s International Day for Street Children, most especially, Adamfo- Ghana, Bright Generation Community Foundation, Ecobank Ghana – SSINT Branch- Kumasi, Staff, Volunteers  and all the Children under the Street Children Project. It is our prayer that God reward whatever you spent in making this event a success.

Compiled by

Faustina Ode Djabaku

Administrative Secretary